The objective was to create an interactive album for desktop use. I decided to showcase Jónsi’s bio, music and lyrics for users who are familiar with the the artist’s band, Sigur Rós, but never heard of this side project. After 16 years as a Sigur Rós frontman he released Go, breaking the language barrier and singing in English for the first time.

The circle shape and transitions reflects the idea of being free of restraints while the color scheme is inspired by the lilikoi fruit (purple and yellow), which is the name of one of the songs. Using Flash and ActionScript 3 I built a prototype capturing Jónsi’s powerful, free spirited record through the graphics, colors and animations used.

Watch a prototype walkthrough (some transitions are affected by sound).

  • Date: 04/01/2013
  • Categories: Illustration / Music / UI
  • Class: Interaction Design I